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    Aspirin May Prevent Skin Cancer Study Says

    In sunny California preventing skin cancer is always an issue. According to a recent article aspirin may be one of the surprising ways people can help to prevent skin cancer. According to the article, aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers could help to provide protection against skin cancer, according to a new research article. The discoveries, reported in the journal Cancer, were made after scientists analyzed 19 years of skin cancer records in northern Denmark and performed a comparison of the rates of skin cancer in participants who took one or more of these drugs with those who did not take either drug. They found that people who had ever used NSAIDS (meaning more than two prescriptions) were 15% and 13% less likely to have gotten squamous cell carcinoma or malignant melanoma, respectively. The reduced risk was stronger in those who taken he drugs for extended periods of time or more intensively. Dr. Kim stresses to patients the importance of caring for their skin on a daily basis. Sunscreen is an absolute must even on the rare day in Southern California when the sun is not shining. The sun rays are directly related to the increased risk in developing skin cancer and with common sense can be avoided. Premature aging is also inevitable with excessive sun exposure. While Botox and facelift procedures can help to reduce the signs of aging and minimize wrinkles, once skin has endured excessive Sun damage it is virtually impossible to remove 100% of the effects. When it comes to avoiding premature aging and skin cancer proactive steps toward prevention are the best options.

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