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    Are People More Likely to Get Healthy Together?

    The concept of people being more committed to getting healthy when they do it together is not new. But, according to a local article employers are now making the push for healthy lifestyle a unified preferred direction. According to the article Kaiser Permanente one of the largest employers, and a coalition of unions led by the United Healthcare Workers are trying to tackle the problem of unhealthy workers. They recently came into agreement under a contract that creates a unprecedented incentive for workers to get in better shape, testing the idea that peer pressure may be a more effective way to promote healthy lifestyles than solo rewards or penalties.The Kaiser deal is indicative of widespread effort by employers to retard the growth of healthcare cost, in part by shifting more of the fees onto their employees, in part by lessening the demand for treatment. Plastic surgeons have known all along that peer pressure works not only as an incentive to stay healthy but also an incentive to maintain your best appearance. Many patients come to see Dr. Kim as a result of a referral from a coworker or friend who is thrilled with their plastic surgery results. This happens quite frequently for patients who have had varying procedures including breast augmentation, facelift, and liposuction. As the nation and employers struggle for creative ways to incentivize employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle they may want to consider incentives to help patients take advantage of cosmetic surgery procedures which are proven to have a positive effect on the lives of most people. While we are bias, the data supports that the reward of a healthy lifestyle is connected to a healthy, energetic, and youthful appearance.

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