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    Before Breast Augmentation Surgery Checklist

    What You Should Expect During Your Breast Augmentation Consultation?

    Before Breast Augmentation Surgery Checklist, Beverly Hills Plastic SurgeryEvery cosmetic surgery procedure begins with a detailed pre-operative consultation process. This is true for breast augmentation surgery as well. One of the major advantages of breast augmentation surgery is that it is highly customizable. Your plastic surgeon will create a surgical plan that best reflects your unique cosmetic and anatomical needs.

    A meticulous and in-depth consultation process forms the basis of a successful and effective breast augmentation procedure. plastic surgeon Dr. David Kim provides breast implants surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding communities.

    Important Decisions are Made

    Breast enhancement plastic surgery involves making a few crucial decisions, such as surgical technique, implant choice, and whether a breast lift is required with the enhancement procedure or not. It’s critical for the patient to be an active participant in the discussion to experience successful and satisfactory results.

    Determining Candidacy

    The surgeon needs to determine the patient’s candidacy for the breast augmentation surgery as well. This is a key priority for most dedicated cosmetic surgeons. A general medical examination will be performed by the surgeon following a review of the skin texture, breast anatomy, and elasticity.

    Additionally, the surgeon will also evaluate your surgical and medical history. They may order tests if needed. The final surgery plan will include your inputs and will be customized to deliver your unique aesthetic goals.

    Choice of Implants

    The type and size of the breast implants chosen will determine the final outcome of the procedure. Your breast surgeon will explain various differences at the time of the pre-operative consultation. They will discuss the pros and cons of saline, silicone, and ultra cohesive breast implants.

    They will also discuss the limitations and benefits of each implant size and type. You would need to discuss the type of profile you want based on which your surgeon will make a few recommendations.

    Positioning Implant Placement

    Breast implants can be inserted subglandularly or submuscularly. Both these techniques have different levels of invasiveness. Your surgeon will make a suitable decision based on your existing anatomy, type of implant chosen, and the results required.

    Location of Incisions

    Another important decision undertaken during the pre-operative consultation is where to place the incisions. The surgeon may either place it beneath the breast crease along the border of the areola at the base of the breast. Or, they may place the incision in the armpit. In very rare cases, will the surgeon make an incision in the navel.

    Recovery and Preparation Guidelines

    If you are a smoker, your cosmetic surgeon will ask you to stop smoking for a few days before and after the procedure. You will be provided with certain preparation guidelines during the initial consultation. Your surgeon may also seek changes to your prescription medication schedules if you are on herbal supplements or blood thinners.

    The surgeon will discuss the recovery process, financing options and estimates costs as well. You should feel free to ask questions at any stage before and after the surgery to make the right decisions throughout. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas for breast implants surgery.

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