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    Breast Reduction Surgery

    Breast Reduction

    Breast Reduction Surgery, Beverly Hills Plastic SurgeryBreast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure in which tissue, skin, and fat is removed for reducing the size of the breasts. The procedure can improve the quality of your life by reducing pain the neck, back, and shoulders. It can be useful in allowing a woman to enjoy a youthful-looking bust line.

    You no longer have to be self-conscious about how you look and you are free to wear a wide selection of clothing styles according to your choice. plastic surgeon Dr. David Kim provides breast reduction surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding locations.

    Traditional Anchor Pattern Technique

    This is among the most common types of breast reduction procedures performed. It has several advantages. However, this method of reducing breast size is also the most invasive. Incisions are horizontally made under the breast crease in traditional breast reduction surgery. The incisions extend upwards vertically around the nipple in an anchor pattern.

    A major advantage of this incision technique is that resulting scars are usually hidden under low-cut tops and bathing suits. This is even when the incisions are extremely invasive. The technique is recommended for women with extremely large breasts since the anchor pattern allows for both vertical and horizontal removal of excess skin.

    Vertical Incision Technique

    This incision technique is also known as LeJour breast reduction or short scar technique. It allows for less scarring and shapelier breasts as compared to anchor pattern breast reduction surgery. This type of surgery is becoming more popular than traditional procedures in women that don’t want extensive tissue and fat removal.

    Incisions in this technique are made around the areola and vertically downwards to the breast crease. The resulting pattern is why the procedure is also known as ‘lollipop’ pattern breast reduction. There is no need for horizontal incisions because of the vertical incision. This causes much less scarring as compared to traditional breast reduction surgery.

    In addition to a more natural breast shape and less scarring, vertical incision breast reduction often takes lesser time to perform as compared to standard breast reduction procedures.

    Liposuction Technique

    Breast reduction cosmetic surgery can also be performed through liposuction. This will result in the removal of excess fatty tissue for reducing overall volume. The skin should shrink and fit the new breast volume naturally following the plastic surgery procedure. Breast reduction through liposuction can provide solid results when the breasts possess more fatty tissue as compared to glandular tissue.

    Advantages of Breast Reduction

    Physical Comfort

    Breast reduction surgery reduces the weight of a woman’s breasts and makes them proportionate to her overall frame. This allows a woman to correct her posture and removes strain from her shoulders, neck, and back. This can enhance the quality of life by reducing the overall pain that goes into moving around with breasts that are too large.

    Improved Appearance

    Breast reduction plastic surgery procedure can improve your appearance by:

    • Creating contours that are more proportionate to your body
    • Correcting any breast asymmetry
    • Delivering firmer and smaller breast contours as achieved by a breast lift

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas for breast reduction surgery.

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