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    Breastfeeding rejected for fear of sagging?

    Most medical reports in recent years advise new mothers to breast-feed their babies. When mothers are reluctant to do so there is speculation as to their motive. A recent industry article looked at the perception of breast augmentation being ruined after breast-feeding. It addressed rather women were concerned with sagging after making an investment in breast augmentation surgery. According to the article researchers followed 160 mothers with breast implants to gauge their success with the feeding method. They found that 86 percent of those who failed at breast-feeding thought that it would make their breasts look worse. On the other hand, among those who successfully nursed their babies, only 13 percent believed that it would affect the appearance of their breasts. Dr. Kim discusses in detail with patients who are considering breast augmentation their plans for children and breast-feeding. Most patients have breast implants that are placed behind the muscle which would not interfere with the patient’s desire to breast-feed. It is important to note that the breast tissue and how it responds to increase and decrease in size from pregnancy is unpredictable. It is virtually impossible to tell a woman with certainty, if she has never had children, how her breast will look after pregnancy whether she has breast implants or not. The article does not adequately address the fact that a breast lift can be performed while preserving the implant after pregnancy if the patient so desires. Overwhelmingly most patients who breast feed with breast implants are fine with their breast after having children. Most patients do not proceed with a second surgery. It is unfair to believe that women who have breast implants are any more likely to refuse breast-feeding solely because of their investment in breast augmentation.

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