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    Competitive eating contest send the wrong message

    Most of us would have never have thought that there would be a sport known as competitive eating. But, thanks to reality TV not only is it a past time at the county fair, but also a sport. According to a recent MSNBC article there is little to support as to whether this new phenomenon is bad for our health, mental or physical. According to the article this bizarre sport has a league of its own, known as Major League Eating, an international ranking of its top competitors and it appears to have inspired the reality TV show, Man Versus Food. There are no solid studies that can prove medical danger when people involve themselves in these competitive contest. Many could include eating enormous amounts of oysters, hot dogs, doughnuts or other food items. Regardless of how we feel about overconsumption of food, for the purpose of winning a contest, one fact remains: gluttony in our society is frowned upon. For many people obesity is synonymous with gluttony. Therefore, laughing at this type of contest is like laughing at one of the biggest problems facing our society today. Dr. Kim celebrates patients who have successfully lost weight and managed to keep the weight off. Maintaining a stable weight is extremely difficult especially after weight loss. After the weight is lost many patients suffer from extreme loose skin on the abdomen. Often this results in an abdominal pouch of skin and fat that makes it very difficult to find clothes that fit well. In this situation Dr. Kim will typically recommend an abdominoplasty which will allow him to remove the excess skin, tighten the muscle, and create a flatter abdomen. He may combine liposuction with the procedure on the love handles and lower back to complete and enhancement of the waist.

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