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    Can you be obese and still healthy?

    Can you be obese and still healthy? This appears to be one of the most controversial questions on the internet today. According to an online women’s magazine a host of nutrition experts, doctors, and readers all have varying answers to this loaded question. According to the article most of the controversy is based on the fact that there are no universal numbers to definitively account for a person being labeled as obese. Typically, the BMI which is calculated based on a person’s height and weight, is the measure used to determine if a person is obese. A new campaign called Healthy at Every Size is committed to teaching women to have healthy lifestyle habits regardless of the number on the scale. According to this campaign people can be healthy even if their weight does not fall in line with height and weight charts currently utilized. Dr. Kim explained to patients who are considering buying a contouring procedures that their best results will be when they are at a stable body weight. This includes both liposuction procedures as well as abdominoplasty. Dr. Kim uses his artistic skill combined with his medical expertise to sculpt the body in specific targeted areas using liposuction. For most patients this includes not just sculpting, but also shaping for the best most aesthetically pleasing results. For patients who are having an abdominoplasty, it is important to note that liposuction can be combined to provide enhancement for the entire waistline. The excess skin from the abdominal flap is removed liposuction is performed on the love handles and lower back. Most patients are thrilled with the results as they are dramatically better than could be achieved through diet and exercise alone. These procedures are not weight loss procedures; however, most patients are satisfied with a more proportionate figure.

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