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    Lifestyle changes can sometimes trump genetics

    We’ve all heard the expression; you have to play the cards you’re dealt,this usually in conjunction with genetics. According to a recent CNN news report this is not entirely true. When it comes to dementia and other memory loss conditions according to the news story and studies it appears that a proactive approach to health can greatly reduce a person’s chance of developing memory loss disorders later in life. This is great because many people fear that their lives will be forever changed for the worse as they age. This is especially true for those who have seen their parents have health conditions that cause their deterioration right before their eyes. According to the article a healthy diet,regular exercise, and mind challenging activities that begin at midlife can make a substantial difference in whether or not a person develops memory loss disorders. Genetics can be very powerful when it comes to our appearance. It is much more difficult to overcome the genetic shape of our nose for example. Dr. Kim explains to patients in this scenario that even though he can perform a rhinoplasty and improve the shape and overall appearance of the nose, he is still limited by the genetic shape of a person’s nose. This is why it is important for patients to understand that cosmetic plastic surgery is in enhancement rather than a replacement. This also holds true for patients considering breast augmentation. Some patients are under the impression that the surgery will create changes that are beyond the scope of the surgery. For example, the shape of the chest wall cannot be changed with breast augmentation surgery. Patients who have the best overall experience with cosmetic plastic surgery understand the limitations and have realistic expectations.

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