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    Can You Change Your Nose or Eyes and Maintain Your Ethnic Appearance?

    As the United States continues to be a melting pot cultural appearances continue to change as well. It is not unusual for people to desire a change in their appearance that is considered an ethnic identifying mark. For different populations the ethnic markers vary. For instance, for some Asian patients there is desire to change the shape of the eyes slightly to create a more open appearance. For some Italian, Jewish, or Armenian patients their nose is considered an ethnic identifying marker from their perspective. The ethnic markers are not limited to the eyes and the nose, for some African-American and Hispanic patient’s their shapely bottoms and curves are considered part of their ethnic markers. This subject is not to be confused with stereotypes; these are mostly based on the patient’s own perceptions. Choosing to have plastic surgery should always be about the patient and their desires not what others think about the validity of their concerns. Many of these patients tell Dr. Kim that their goal is not to change the ethnic appearance of their face or body, the goal is to enhance their appearance and help them to feel better about themselves. Dr. Kim explains that whether he is performing a blepharoplasty for an Asian patient, rhinoplasty for an Italian patient, or liposuction for a Hispanic patient, he is committed to carefully listening to the desires of the patient and working with them as closely as possible to achieve the results that they desire. It is not his goal to change their minds or to create a more “mainstream appearance “if that is not what they desire. Dr. Kim is able to utilize his substantial artistic talent combined with exceptional surgical skill when creating desired results for ethnic patients who are concerned about achieving the results that they desire.

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