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    New Diet Books Don’t Agree with Extremes

    Dieting methods are not new. They change and tend to trend from time to time. Currently, the new dieting methods do not encourage extreme food deprivation. According to a recent Los Angeles Times article new dieting methods can be confusing encouraging the consumption of more protein, more carbs, let’s gluten and everything else in between. Gluten-free diets have become the celebrity craze and celebrities including Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian credit their weight loss to a gluten-free diet. No surprise here, eliminating gluten means eliminating high calorie cookies, breads, and cakes. All of the new cookbooks and diet fads emphasized the necessity to review food labels carefully. Dr. Kim empathizes with his patients who are desperate to lose weight. He helps them understand that dieting is not necessarily the answer and that they should not become fixated on a certain number for the scale. It is better to focus on contour shape and the best most comfortable weight for their body frame. Often patients are concerned with weight loss when the reality is what they do not like about their shape and contour is not related to their weight. For patients who are within their ideal body weight yet they have fat pockets distributed throughout their body, liposuction can be an excellent solution. As an artist as well as an ASPS plastic surgeon, Dr. Kim is able to sculpt the body and create and remove fat from unwanted places helping to create a more proportionate body shape and contour. It is important for patients to understand that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. It will help patients to achieve better results than they could through diet and exercise and alone. In order to maintain the results for lifetime it is imperative that patients are good about diet and exercise throughout the rest of their lives.

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