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    Celebrity Swimsuit Photos That Captured History

    Few wardrobe selections define women and their femininity then the swimsuit. It is considered so important that it is included in most legendary beauty pageant contest. A recent New York Daily News article reviewed some of the most famous celebrity swimsuit photos in history. It is interesting to note how body images have changed over the years especially when we consider the bust line and what is considered attractive. Some patients who consult with Dr. Kim when they are considering breast augmentation are concerned about looking unnatural and “fake” in a swimsuit. Often times they recant a story about someone they have seen on the beach or at the pool who had “obviously augmented” breast. For many patients the concern is that the appearance is firm and unnatural. Dr. Kim invites patients to view his before-and-after photo gallery. They will see from his before-and-after results that patients not only look proportionate to their height and weight, but also by using implants with different profiles and characteristics Dr. Kim is able to use his artistic ability to achieve a more natural looking result. Dr. Kim also helps patients choose the most appropriate sizing for their height, weight, and chest measurements. This is important when choosing implant because if the breast implant overpowers the breast pocket it will create an overly augmented appearance which could appear unnatural and extremely full in the upper portion of the breast. When choosing breast implant sizing patients should not only consider what they will look like in a swimsuit, they should also consider how they will look in the wardrobe they wear the majority of the time. Breast augmentation can help women feel more confident and secure especially in a swimsuit. Dr. Kim invites patients who are considering breast augmentation to schedule a consultation to help determine if breast augmentation is the right choice for them.

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