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    Aspirin Regimen for Women; Helpful or Harmful?

    The recommendation of an aspirin a day to keep heart healthy has been debated for years. A recent online news story looked at the aspirin regimen as a recommendation for women. According to the article a recent study revealed that of more than 200,000 women who were advised to take and aspirin daily, fewer than 50 percent really took the pill. No one seems to know exactly why that is the case according to a cardiologist who was interviewed for the story. The general rule of thumb is that women who are 65 and older who have heart disease or a history of heart disease could benefit from taking a daily aspirin. It is also believed to be an effective way to reduce the risk of stroke by as much as 40%. The drug is also known to help prevent fatal blood clots, and still proves to be effective as a secondary motive prevention for people who of are ready suffered a stroke or heart attack. A Dutch study found that 50 women would need to take aspirin daily for 10 years in order for one woman to actually benefit. Another study originating from Italy concluded that low-dose aspirin as the main mode of prevention results in a 55% elevated increase in brain or stomach bleeding. It is important for patients to discuss any aspirin regimen with their primary care physician prior to beginning the treatment. Dr. Kim advises patients who are older and considering plastic surgery procedures like facelift, brow lift, and blepharoplasty that if they are on an aspirin regimen they must be off of aspirin completely prior to surgery. Aspirin causes increased bleeding and can increase plastic surgery complications substantially. Dr. Kim is committed to helping patients have the best plastic surgery experience as well as the best results.

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