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    Cycling proves to be good for your health

    Cycling has become more than just a trend mostly due to high gas prices. Shared cycling is not only a good idea but it sparked a study that proved cycling is great for our health. It is not uncommon for women who enjoy cycling on a athletic level to be disatisfied with what they feel are disproportionately shaped legs and thighs. Often these women have muscular legs and do not care for the way their legs appear larger than the top portion of their body. When they consider liposuction of the thighs Dr. Kim consults with the patient in an effort to explain the difficulty in successfully treating the area. The thigh area, especially in athletic women requires special attention when performing liposuction. Dr. Kim, who has a true artistic talent understands that this area must be sculpted delicately for the best result. This is not a one size fits all procedure and when special attention is not given to liposuction of the thighs and legs the results can be very disappointing. Patients having liposuction of the thighs and legs can usually return to cycling in about four weeks. According to The Los Angeles Times public bicycle sharing is gaining popularity in cities around the world as people are trading cars for low-cost rental bikes used for short hops around town. While it’s hoped this will have a positive effect on the environment, a study finds that it may benefit people’s health as well.

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