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    Age related muscle loss may have a new drug that can help

    Aging and the changes that come with it are inevitable. People lose muscle as they age in most every area of their bodies. Some areas can be improved with exercise. Aging patients also lose volume in their face. This can cause a hollowed looking face especially as the skin becomes more loose and lax. Dr. Kim explains to patients that a facelift will make a major improvement in the neck and mid facial area. When there are hollowed areas specifically beneath the eyes and cheek area Dr. Kim may recommend cheek augmentation or a lower blepharoplasty incorporating a cheek lift. This approach helps the patient to look much more natural without a pulled and tight looking face. Patients should also consider combining a brow lift with facial rejuvenation procedures because in most patients as they age the brow will sag due to lost volume, loose skin, and muscle loss. A new drug, although experimental may help to reduce muscle loss as we age. According to The Los Angeles Times loss of muscle mass is a fact of life starting in middle age — we lose about 1% a year in a phenomenon called sarcopenia. Researchers say they’ve not only discovered the cause of that loss but may have found a drug that could help it as well.
    an experimental drug called S107 might shore up those muscles. The study focused on 24-month-old mice (that’s about 70 in human years). Half were given S107 for four weeks, and half received no drug. The mice on S107 had a substantially increased running distance and speed compared with the control group. The S107 mice also had greater muscle force compared with controls.

    Marks added, Our results suggest that you can improve muscle function by fixing leaky calcium channels. And in fact, treating aged mice with S107 enhanced muscle strength without increasing muscle size, at least during the four-week treatment period.

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