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    Does Breast Augmentation Change Your Wardrobe for the Better?

    Breast augmentation is a personal decision that many women consider across the country every day. The reasons for choosing breast augmentation vary greatly from patient to patient. For most women, it is a choice to improve their body contour, increase the size shape and contour of their bust line, and allow for better more appealing wardrobe choices. For those who have wondered why women choose breast augmentation they should consider the difficulty many women have in finding clothes that they like that also look good on their body. This can be very frustrating especially if you are at or near your ideal body weight and your hips are disproportionate to your bust line. It is also frustrating if you are a small woman who wears a smaller size yet the top of most outfits are gaping when you wear them. It disappointing when a woman has her eyes set on a special outfit, business suit, or low-cut blouse ventures to the dressing room and realizes that there is no way the wardrobe selection will work. Dr. Kim has conversations during consultation with many patients who express their frustration with wardroom choices. Breast augmentation using either saline or silicone breast implants increases a woman’s wardrobe choices by as much as three times. Patients who are candidates for breast lift combined with breast augmentation report the same satisfying increase to their wardrobe selections. It is also important to realize that the types of clothing worn after breast augmentation can change dramatically when a woman feels good about her figure, shape, and contour. Dr. Kim encourages women to schedule a consultation appointment to discover if breast augmentation is a positive option.

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