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    Heidi Montag Blames Her Cellulite on Her Liposuction Procedure

    We have not heard from Heidi Montag in quite some time. She became a media sensation when she publicized her multiple plastic surgeries performed in the same procedure. At the time she was thrilled with all of her surgeries and recommended them highly. Fast forward to now, she is back in the news and a recent online article reported that in an interview she blames her liposuction for what she considers newly developed cellulite. Now, as a self-proclaimed plastic surgery expert she recommends people do not have liposuction and instead choose diet and exercise to shed excess pounds. Experienced plastic surgeons have long advised patient that liposuction does not cause cellulite. Cellulite is primarily a genetic condition and can be found prominently in the population that has not had liposuction. Most medical professionals agree that liposuction is a nonfactor for patients who have existing cellulite. In other words it does not cause cellulite however it does not treat it either. Liposuction performed incorrectly can cause dimpling of the skin but this is not cellulite. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, so reducing weight (as Heidi suggested) will not take care of specific areas were patients are concerned about small areas of fat. Dr. Kim is a true artist with artistic ability that can be displayed on canvas as well as on the body. This talent proves valuable when combined with his surgical skills and expertise Liposuction results are heavily dependent upon the plastic surgeon performing the procedure and patients must realize that it is a sculpting procedure. The correct amount of fat must be removed systematically to achieve the best long-term results. Dr. Kim encourages patients to schedule a personal consultation with him to determine if liposuction is an effective solution for their specific situation. Recommendations from celebrities and their personal experience should not override the value of a personal consultation.

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