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    Does chewing gum boost weight loss?

    Most foods that we consume especially those that taste good, have ventured out to prove that they are good for you. It appears as though chewing gum is no exception. For many years sugar free chewing gum has given the impression to many consumers that because it is sugar-free it must promote weight loss. According to a recent news story there is no significant data that supports any findings that sugar-free gum promotes weight loss. According to the article the eight-week study included 201 overweight or obese adults, who were told to chew gum intermittently throughout the day as a deterrent from eating snack foods. By the end of the study there was no significant difference between those who chewed the gum and those who did not. Expecting a piece of gum to help a person lose weight is asking a great deal. Dr. Kim explains to his patients that effective weight loss is only achieved and maintained through commitment. Patients who have made a commitment and lost the weight sometimes seek the assistance of Dr. Kim to remove the excess skin that may be left sagging after weight loss. This is most evident in the breast and the abdomen. For these two areas Dr. Kim recommends a breast lift possibly with implants)and an abdominoplasty. In some cases these procedures can be performed together. It is important that patients maintain a healthy and stable weight following their cosmetic plastic surgery procedure to ensure the best long-term results.

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