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    Plastic surgery and Politics

    In southern California criticism of celebrities is just part of our landscape. A recent online industry article made a point of a recent interview with Nancy Pelosi. Sadly according to the article the focus was more on her face then what she had to say. There was speculation as to whether she had Botox, fillers, a facelift or all of the above. The article implied that voters could be swayed by the idea that politicians are not natural looking. Of course, in the same article it was decided that voters wanted politicians to have fresh and youthful looking faces. One commentator stated that Nancy Pelosi looked too good to be her age. Unfortunately, for celebrities and politicians alike, being in the spotlight opens you up to this type of scrutiny. Dr. Kim reminds his patients that most of us are not under this type of microscope. Most of Dr. Kim’s patients desire a subtle more natural looking approach to plastic surgery. This includes not only facial procedures but breast augmentation as well. Contrary to what people see on reality TV or in tabloid newspapers most women do not choose extremely large breast implants and then wear extremely low blouses. Even in Southern California and Beverly Hills most women desire breast augmentation that is proportionate to their height and weight. Dr. Kim is careful to explain to his patients their options and helps them to achieve results that meet or exceed their expectations. Celebrities and politicians are not always the best example of the population as a whole when it comes to their appearance.

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