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    Egg Yolks Are As Bad For Arteries As Smoking Study Says

    Eating healthy foods that help us to look and feel better is becoming increasingly more difficult. According to a recent online article egg yolks which are rich in cholesterol can harden your arteries almost as much as smoking according to a new study. People at risk of vascular disease should not eat egg yolks, contends study lead author Dr. David Spence, professor of neurology at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. Artery plaque levels rise with age but both smoking and egg yolks increased the plaque buildup within the vessels the researchers discovered. People who ate three or more yolks a week, regularly had a marked elevated increase in plaque than those who ate fewer than three yolks a week. It is understandable since one egg yolk by itself contains more than the daily recommended intake of cholesterol. Studies show that a more plant-based diet including less dairy, less red and processed meat, and increased vegetables, beans, nuts, and fruit may improve risk factors. Dr. Kim explains to patients that a healthy diet and exercise program is essential to maintaining a healthy weight. However, patients in this segment of the population can still have small areas in which they are not happy with the contour of their body. These areas most likely include the abdomen, outer thighs, or love handles. For these patients liposuction can be an excellent solution for creating a better body contour and a shapelier figure. As a talented artist, as well as an experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Kim is able to sculpt most any area of the body using liposuction to create results that are often better than a patient could receive through diet and exercise alone. Patients are encouraged to continue a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise in order to maintain their liposuction results for their lifetime.

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