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    Do Patients Lie to Their Doctors?

    According to recent online news story patients lie to their doctors for a multitude of reasons. But, the article points out that not conveying the whole truth to the treating physician can have grave consequences. According to the article patients could lie about everything from medications being taken, to employment status, to sexual behaviors. Doctors make every effort to make the patient comfortable relaying the health history by reaffirming their commitment to patient /physician confidentiality. Patients who do not freely communicate their health history and lifestyle habits could actually increase their cost of healthcare. Unnecessary test could be ordered and certain diagnosis missed due to lack of information. Patients who are considering plastic surgery should also be forthcoming with Dr. Kim concerning all health issues that may affect their surgery. This means if patients have had previous surgery with another doctor is imperative that Dr. Kim is made aware of this fact. For patients who are considering body contouring procedures including liposuction, it is important to alert Dr. Kim of previous liposuction surgeries because the underlying tissue may still be very difficult to manage if it is a secondary liposuction on the same area. It is also significant if patients are taking any medications that that information is shared with Dr. Kim. Medications alone will not always disqualify a patient from having surgery; however it is important for Dr. Kim to assess if there are surgery risks related to the medications. Patients are also encouraged to discuss their lifestyle situation, who will be caring for them after surgery, and who will be their support system throughout the plastic surgery experience. Patients who are considering breast augmentation with breast implants should feel confident in explaining their desires to Dr. Kim. Choosing the sizing of implants is a personal decision and patient should have a clear understanding as to which implants will be used.

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