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    First Post-Partum Clinic Opens for New Moms

    Many women suffer from depression temporarily after giving birth. According to recent ABC news story the first clinic of its kind is opening specifically to treat serious postpartum depression. According to the news story the nation’s first stand-alone perinatal psychiatry center at University of North Carolina Hospital, specially trained nurses, therapists and lactation consultants offer a range of intensive sessions to assist moms with coping and relaxation. The main purpose is for each mother and child to bond during treatment just as they would at home. To assist the mother, and help the mom interact with the baby, they also want to help the mother obtain the confidence that she can handle the stress, and anxiety using coping skills in this new role, reported Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody from the University of North Carolina. According to a study of 869 women admitted to inpatient postpartum units in France between 2001 and 2007, two-thirds had marked improvement at the time of their discharge. Postpartum depression can be serious and medical treatment is advised. Depression is not always the issue. Some women consult with Dr. Kim after childbirth because they are dissatisfied with the changes in their body contour following childbirth. Most complain of a sagging component to the breast as well as loss of volume. Many are also discouraged about the loose and lax skin on the abdomen. Typically Dr. Kim will recommend an abdominoplasty combined with a breast augmentation with breast implants. In most cases these procedures can be performed together. It is important that patients secure proper aftercare within the home so that they are able to have the best stress free recovery possible.

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