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    Petite Women Now Have Their Own Diet

    It seems strange but for petite women determining the right amount of food to eat and calculating the best diet can be difficult. According to a recent news story a new diet called The Petite Advantage Diet by author Jim Karas has some dining tips for petite women including eating 40 fewer calories a day than taller women. It probably does not sound like much but it adds as much as 4 pounds a year. Forest Park Medical Center registered dietitian Katie Pearson said the logic is basically based on numbers and simple math –the smaller the person the less fuel required. Shorter people, yes, they probably have to work a little bit harder than taller people because it can kind of catch up with them quicker than taller people,” Pearson said. “There is less space to put it. The petite diet also calls for women to eat in the beginning of the day with breakfast comprising 40% of the day’s calories. Petite patients who are considering breast augmentation and body contouring procedures like liposuction should also be conscious of their height and proportional weight. Dr. Kim helps patients decide about breast implant sizes taking into consideration their height and body frame. Smaller women with smaller rib cages can be overpowered rather easily if the breast implants are too large. For liposuction, especially liposuction of the outer thighs or abdomen petite patients should always consider their overall body contour and liposuction should complement the contour not detract from it. Dr. Kim uses surgical expertise as well as his innate artistic talent to achieve the best results for his patients.

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