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    Gaining weight? Blame it on the Job

    In this economy having a job is something most of us would consider to be a privilege. But, according to a recent ABC news story some jobs can actually cause you to gain weight. According to the news story a new survey by job website made a list of several occupations that could contribute to weight gain. Interestingly enough judges and attorneys were at the very top of the list. Doctors also were prominent on the list, as were social workers, teachers, police officers and firefighters. Career builders reports that these jobs are either high-stress or include a lot of sitting.

    Approximately 44 percent of those surveyed by the website pointed to the food at the office, including birthday cake, for contributing to their weight gain. Patients should be proactive about even the smallest amount of unwelcome weight gain.

    Dr. Kim consults with patients who most commonly have concerns about small amounts of weight gain and additional fat on their abdomen, outer thighs, lower back, and love handles. Dr. Kim will typically recommend liposuction as an effective way to remove isolated fat pockets and improve body contour. While liposuction is not a weight loss procedure it improves body contour and allow patients to have a svelte and aesthetically pleasing figure. Most patients are able to enjoy results better than they could through diet and exercise alone. If patients have excessive loose and lax skin on the abdomen Dr. Kim may recommend an abdominoplasty in conjunction with liposuction for the best waist enhancement results.

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