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    Men Are Becoming Used to the Benefits of Looking Younger

    In a youth conscious society like ours it seemed as though the scales were tipped in favor of men. Most of the expectations for a youthful look seem to be applied only to women. According to a recent local news article this is changing. According to the article Miami entrepreneur Darnell Henderson says long gone are the days when taking care of yourself is the equivalent to being feminine. His multicultural all-men grooming line, Himistry, has enjoyed online sales at quadruple the rate nationally since 2009. It’s all about getting the girl. And the job, many men would add. Many men feel that if they start looking older, people began to throw your way. They used to believe they would be taken more seriously. They feel the pinch in the job market as well. There is an ever-increasing assortment of products and procedures with choices to help men address their aging appearance. The goal is to allow them to enhance their looks but still maintain their masculinity. Dr. Kim remind his male patients that when deciding on cosmetic surgery procedures it is important that they follow the same guidelines that women should follow in terms of recommendations from qualified a ASPS plastic surgeons. An unqualified medical professional may recommend against a facelift for a man with excessive loose and lax skin on his lower face and neck convincing him that a laser or injection will give him the same appearance as a surgical facelift. Some will build fear in men based on bad male celebrity results. Botox and fillers can improve the effects of aging on the face; however, when it is time for a facelift Dr. Kim with his artistic expertise and surgical skill is able to deliver unmatched natural looking results.

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