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    Gel Manicures Are Just Part of the Story; Do Your Hands Look Old?

    The buzz about gel nails appears to be more hype than fact. According to a recent local news article gel and acrylic manicures are a booming trend in nails. For the cost of about $30 each, the technique uses ultraviolet light and plastic bonding resins to create strong and super shiny nails that last for weeks and are resilient to chips, cracks or breaks. But there safety comes into question. Concerns about UV exposure or fungus have made some consumers wonder about safety. These manicures are safe, and the products are safe, says a prominent dermatologist, who has conducted clinical trials on fungal nail preparations, skin-cancer detection and cosmetic procedures. They are a great way to grow out your nails. It’s like a shield on top of your nails if done properly. The right way for the procedure to be performed involves clean instruments, liberal application of sunscreen to protect fingers and hands from UV light and, most importantly, proper removal that will not strip the top layers of the nail. Dr. Kim reminds patients that while the nails may look beautiful it is also important to maintain youthful looking hands and also arms. Medical grade skin care that is applied to your face should also be applied to your hands. Sunscreen should be applied on a daily basis as well. For hands that have lost volume dermal fillers like Juvederm or fat transfer may be an option. Facelift patients should be especially conscientious about their hands. These patients should avoid a stark contrast in appearance between their new youthful looking face and their hands.

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