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    Breast Augmentation Revision: Don’t be Afraid

    With every plastic surgery the goal is to have an excellent outcome an excellent patient experience. For some patients the results can be less than they expected and this can lead to anxiety and extreme angst. For some patients after making an effort to resolve the situation with their operating surgeon they choose to seek breast revision surgery through a different plastic surgeon. Dr. Kim consults with patients who have had breast augmentation surgery elsewhere and have been dissatisfied with their results. Usually the patient’s complaints are based on capsular contracture (or excessive scar tissue surrounding the implant), breast implants that appear to “sit too low” or breast implants that appear to “sit too high”. Patient should feel comfortable speaking with Dr. Kim about their concerns as they relate to their original breast augmentation. Sometimes patients feel guilty as if they made the” wrong choice” or didn’t do enough research. The truth is a breast augmentation complication can happen even in the best circumstances. As an artist who combines surgical skill Dr. Kim is assess the patient situation and determine a solution that will help the patient achieve as closely as possible the results that they expect. Patient should understand that a secondary surgery even in the best circumstances has a slightly higher risk of complications. Typically, secondary breast augmentation does not have as much pain and discomfort as the initial procedure however patients should know that the final results may take longer to manifest. Patients who have concerns over their initial breast augmentation are encouraged to arrange a consultation with Dr. Kim to determine if breast augmentation revision surgery is right for them.

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