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    How do celebrity moms gets so skinny, so fast??

    In Southern California especially Beverly Hills we love our celebrities! At least we love to engage in our love-hate relationship with them. A recent CNN article attempted to answer the question why celebrity moms seem to be in skinny jeans four weeks after they have a baby. The article referred to a number of truths that many women should accept. These include the fact that most celebrities have a personal trainer, a chef, and a nanny to help them achieve the goals of losing baby weight immediately after having a baby. It also referred to the fact that many celebrities, become celebrities with a certain look because they have good genes. In other words they were already naturally thin, and most likely worked out throughout the pregnancy. The article warned against women trying to achieve this standard without the same resources. It reminded women to take care of their body while they’re pregnant so as not to injure the baby. Dr. Kim reminds his patients that our view of a celebrity is extremely limited. It is much more realistic to expect to achieve your best possible appearance based on your new body after having a baby. Dr. Kim explains to his patients that they can have an amazing body after pregnancy and consider what many call the mommy makeover. This is a surgery with combined procedures that could include breast augmentation, breast lift, and abdominoplasty. Dr. Kim is able to achieve better contour in the abdomen by tightening the muscle and removing the excess skin. For the breast, he may lift the breast and then use an implant to gain more fullness and better cleavage. The bottom line is most women feel they look better than they did before they had children after having this procedure. Celebrities have to look good as part of their job. The average woman gets to look good by choice.

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