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    Celebrity body $50,000; Dr. David Kim… Priceless

    Having a celebrity body comes at a hefty price according to a recent online publication. Although the information should be taken tongue-in-cheek the writer attempts to tabulate what it would cost to look like a celebrity. She starts with a celebrity trainer which of course would vary based on the celebrity and the trainer they selected. They tabulated the fee at $20,000 a year. Next, they added in meals delivered to the home estimated at $14,000 a year. Then of course we have the breast augmentation which was tabulated based on $7-$8000. And, last but not least the flattening of the tummy which they called surgical, and added an additional $10,000 for that procedure. And let’s not forget the firming cream which added an additional $500. So, according to this article your celebrity body would cost $50,000. Not to be outdone, the article provided an alternative for regular folks. It included a regular trainer, meals delivered by Nutrisystem via the mail service, a Victoria’s Secret bra, a noninvasive sculpting procedure, and a pair of spanxs that can be purchased from Nordstrom’s. The grand total for this alternative? A mere $6750, plus the cost of food. Needless to say, this is an apple and oranges comparison that makes good entertainment but not good advice. Dr. Kim explains to his patients that they can have their best possible shape and figure with a reasonable investment. Most patients have procedures in stages. This means that while some patients may have breast augmentation combined with abdominal liposuction the next surgery will most likely be spaced out over a long period of time. When plastic surgery investments are made over time and the investment is divided by the actual years the patient was able to enjoy the procedure, most procedures come down to pennies a day in terms of investment. Most patients are not seeking celebrity status just the opportunity to enjoy their best possible appearance.

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