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    Hysterectomies Go High Tech

    As women age it is not uncommon for them to face the recommendation for a hysterectomy. According to a recent online article hysterectomies A common operation in the United States, hysterectomies are now embracing technology as many surgeons begin to use robotics as another tool to help perform their jobs better. NorthShore University Health System has two robotic surgical systems that assist with hysterectomies and related gynecological procedures, one at Evanston Hospital and another at Skokie Hospital. In McHenry County, Centegra Health System recently publicized that it is offering the robotic procedure for hysterectomies .this type of use of the technology is increasing worldwide, from 69,000 procedures in 2009 to 110,000 procedures in 2010 and 146,000 procedures in 2011. Most of the procedures were performed in the United States, said Angela Wonson, spokeswoman for Intuitive Surgical, manufacturer of the robotic da Vinci Surgical System. Many women who have had a hysterectomy performed consult with Dr. Kim in search of a solution for this and lax skin that appears more evident after surgery. For some patients after the hysterectomy hormonal shifts causes the weight to be less proportionate and many women complain to Dr. Kim that they are unhappy with their body contour. For these patients Dr. Kim will typically recommend an abdominoplasty combined with liposuction to improve the shape and contour of the body. Dr. Kim assures patients that abdominoplasty combined with liposuction is one of the best ways to improve body contour long-term.

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