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    Is the Male Birth Control Pill On the Way?

    The possibility of male contraceptives in the form of a pill has been debated for many years. According to recent news story they actually may be closer than we think. According to the news story researchers have discovered that the male form of birth control pills has been effective for some and yet others have not found them to be effective. The side effects have included weight gain, acne, depression, and the possibility of heart problems. Yet, there are other types of male contraceptives that may soon be approved. Testosterone gels which are combined with progestin gels are the most promising so far. It is reported that the gel works pretty much like female birth control but does not have the abundance of side effects associated with female birth control. The effects from the gels are reversible after about 3 to 6 months. Birth control seems to become more of an issue for men as they age. Often when men are considering birth control choices there also considering the effects aging is having on their appearance. Dr. Kim explains to male patients that addressing the signs of aging early is the best way to ensure natural looking results. As more men embrace plastic surgery as a solution to the appearance of aging they have begun to find that there are many choices available. The most popular procedures for men include injectables including Botox, brow lift, and liposuction of the abdomen. These procedures can all be done at within one surgery, and men are pleased to discover that the recovery is less than a week. Most patients can return to work and other social activities within 5 to 7 days. Dr. Kim encourages men to consider their overall health and appearance as equally important. Men are welcome to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim to determine which plastic surgery procedures are best for them.

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