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    Preparing for Plastic Surgery

    Once the decision has been made to have plastic surgery there are preparations patients can take that will allow them to have a more enjoyable plastic surgery experience. Dr. Kim encourages patients to approach the plastic surgery experience in their best physical and mental state possible. This means following all guidelines issued by Dr. Kim prior to and following surgery. Every patient is given a thorough in-depth preoperative appointment prior to surgery. In this appointment patients are given written information sheets which allow them to consent to the procedures. These are signed by the patient and the patient receives a copy for their reference. Patients are usually given any prescriptions to fill for any drugs that are to be used prior to or after surgery. Specific surgical instructions are discussed in this appointment and patients are encouraged to ask questions and share any additional information Dr. Kim should know prior to the plastic surgery procedure. Patients are also given instructions for garments that may be needed for body contouring procedures including liposuction. Also any special garments for breast augmentation or breast reduction will also be discussed in this appointment. It is also important when preparing for plastic surgery that patient’s maintain a healthy lifestyle abstaining from medications that could interfere with the safety of the surgical procedure. Patients should abstain from alcohol at least two weeks prior to surgery and avoid excessive sun exposure to avoid the occurrence of sunburn. Patient should arrange personal schedules and social calendars so that the patient is able to relax and concentrate solely on their recovery. Patient should arrange for not only a caregiver but also someone to handle additional household duties and other duties that may be neglected during the recovery time. Patients who take the time to prepare for surgery are much more likely to have an enjoyable plastic surgery experience.

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