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    Leaving the US for Breast Augmentation Can Have Lifelong Negative Consequences

    In a struggling global economic climate it is understandable how people will search for better pricing. When it comes to plastic surgery including breast augmentation this is not always the best choice. According to a recent ABC local news story one woman found that her choice to have breast augmentation outside of the United States could have possibly cost her life. According to the news story Teresita Morales’ had a breast implant that ruptured and leaked into her chest wall. This created excruciating de pain for the 43 year old, who feared cancer. Morales had a real reason to be scared. In 2003, she went to her native Venezuela to get breast augmentation surgery. She and her sister both had the procedure performed. The surgeon gave her Poly Implant Prothese, also known as PIP silicone implants. That French company is now bankrupt. PIP silicone devices were never sold in the U.S. Years later, patients who got them overseas like Morales found that the implants were filled with non-medical grade silicone among other ingredients. According to the story morale is had her implants removed and much of the unknown substance had leaked into her lymph nodes. It is important for patients to understand that the United States has many protective guidelines for breast augmentation that are not required in other countries. The FDA approved silicone breast implants offered by Dr. Kim have extensive warranties provided to patients. The skill and expertise of the plastic surgeon is difficult to verify when patients travel for surgery outside of the United States and if there is a complication follow-up care is virtually impossible without adding unplanned days to the patient’s stay.

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