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    Screaming Yoga is a New Trend

    Mixing up your exercise routine allows you to benefit from a new energy and often get better results. According to a recent ABC news story there is a new trend in working out using yoga. According to the news story the latest trend in fitness is centered on throwing a tantrum. Tantrum yoga was created to have you breathe, dance and scream your way to better health.It’s part yoga. It’s part semantic therapy, it’s park ancestral healing and it’s loads of fun, said Frank Marino of Newport Beach .It’s created and taught by seasoned instructor Hemalayaa, who desired more os and create a toned and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Dr. Kim is usually able to achieve better results than patients could achieve on their own through diet and exercise.ut of traditional practice. I need more. I need to dance, I need to shake, I need to scream, so it just felt perfectly right, she said. The class includes the right technique for yoga breathing, stretching and meditation, but there’s also dance and vocal techniques to facilitate joy and good health. And as you might imagine – it’s therapeutic for days filled with life’s challenges. It’s release that Hemalayaa thinks we all need. Dr. Kim helps patients understand that even with proper exercise and diet patients can still have areas of their body they would like to improve. Some patients especially those who are over the age of 40 find that they have small areas of fat that are localized and very difficult to get rid of. These areas include the abdomen, outer thighs, and upper back. As an artist and experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Kim is able to sculpt these areas and acheive better results than diet and exercise alone.

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