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    Lil Kim more plastic surgery- Really?

    We try to stay on the positive side when it comes to plastic surgery. There is so much negativity and prominent poor examples of plastic surgery, that exploiting them even further is not our intent. After a recent appearance at the West LA pride parade Lil’ Kim(a well-known Grammy award-winning rapper) sparked a host of rumors concerning her plastic surgery. We believe that few people would doubt that she had plastic surgery the better question becomes- why did she continue to have plastic surgery? According to a recent gossip article online, most of their readers are of the opinion that Lil’ Kim looks horrible. Unfortunately, the procedures that are suspected to have been performed become questionable when a celebrity either goes too far, or utilizes the wrong procedure and gets an undesirable result. Speculation is that Lil’ Kim had a brow lift and possibly cheek implants. She is suspected of having injectables either dermal fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, or perhaps even Sculptra Cosmetic. It is suspected that she had a rhinoplasty with nostril reduction(which appears to be extreme and unnatural) and possibly a lip reduction. Dr. Kim consults with some patients who are concerned about the possibility of looking like a celebrity with undesirable results after having plastic surgery. Dr. Kim assures his patients that as an artist and an ASPS plastic surgeon part of his consultation process and recommendation incorporates the aesthetic portion of the surgery. In other words, Dr. Kim’s assessment is heavily reliant upon the anticipated aesthetic beauty of the plastic surgery procedure if it is performed on the patient. Dr. Kim and his staff pride themselves in candid discussions with their patients to help the patient determine which procedures will truly provide an aesthetically pleasing result long-term.

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