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    Traveling to Beverly Hills for Plastic Surgery?

    The Internet has allowed patients to look at plastic surgery from a global perspective. When many think of traveling to other countries when they think of traveling for plastic surgery, the reality is many people travel within the United States to have surgery with Dr. Kim. There is no doubt that the location Beverly Hills California has some attraction and draw but the reality is patients choose Dr. Kim cause the surgical skill and artistic talent. Patients who were traveling from out of town are encouraged to contact Dr. Kim early in the process. Dr. Kim and his staff will work diligently with the patient utilizing frequent communication to determine as much information prior to the patient traveling to Beverly Hills as possible. Depending on the procedure being considered and the patient’s health history Dr. Kim will determine how many days the patient will need to remain in Beverly Hills before and after surgery. For procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, or rhinoplasty Dr. Kim may not require the patient to stay in Beverly Hills for recovery for an extended period as these procedures are shorter procedures and do not have a recovery that tends to be more involved. Abdominoplasty and facelift will undoubtedly require more recovery time within a close proximity to Beverly Hills. Patients should consider detailed preparation prior to surgery. Every surgery is an involved process and patients should approach the process with seriousness. Dr. Kim and his staff are experienced in assisting patients with everything from lodging to postsurgical care once they return to their home. Dr. Kim, his staff, and Beverly Hills welcome out-of-towners for an excellent surgical result as well as patient experience.

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