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    Liposuction of Delicate Areas- Artistic Talent Matters

    The popularity of liposuction has allowed many people to consider areas all over their body where an unwanted thickness or fat pockets create a contour that they find undesirable. Liposuction is a procedure that removes small amounts of fat systematically to achieve better shape and contour. These days, the liposuction procedure has become routine too many patients and sadly the amount of thought and consideration prior to choosing to have the procedure performed in some cases is limited. Although liposuction can be performed on most any area, it is important for patients to realize that some areas are much more delicate than others. For example, the inner thighs can be extremely difficult to contour and in the wrong hands too much fat can be removed and the skin can be left loose and unsightly. Unfortunately once fat is removed through liposuction is very difficult to repair the results by adding fat through fat transfer. Other delicate areas include the knees, ankles, chin, and arms. Dr. Kim uses his artistic ability to sculpt these areas and remove the right amount of fat to achieve the results the patient desires. Artistic ability is important because liposuction is a sculpting procedure that takes away fat and artistic talent gives Dr. Kim the edge in creating what did not exist previously. This is the very essence of artistic talent. Of course, it is important that Dr. Kim also utilize his surgical skill to assure that the results are consistent with the anatomy of the patient’s body and shape. Patient should treat the decision to have liposuction very seriously. Liposuction is a procedure that permanently removes fat; so patient should carefully consider not only the results, but the talent of the surgeon performing the procedure. Dr. Kim encourages patients to schedule a consultation to see if liposuction is a viable option for them.

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