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    How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Improve a Woman’s Life?

    Breast reduction surgery is often misunderstood. Many people think of it as removing the breast resulting in a disproportionate figure and shape. The reality is the breast reduction surgery greatly improves the lives of many women. For many women extremely large breast has wreaked havoc in their lives and heavy breast tissue has contributed to neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain and grooves in the shoulder from thick bra straps. Many women fear that after breast reduction surgery they will deal with less than attractive breast even if they are smaller. Dr. Kim explains to his patients that utilizing his artistic talents as well as surgical skill he is able to create not only a smaller breast but also a more aesthetically pleasing breast shape. For many patients it is important that the right amount of breast tissue is removed in order to maintain shape, yet their needs to be enough reduction in breast tissue to bring relief to the patient. Dr. Kim makes the incision around the nipple and then with a line from the nipple to the crease or breast fold. In some cases this incisional approach which is known as a vertical incision will suffice and allow Dr. Kim to reduce the breast. In other cases especially if the breast tissue is excessive an anchor incision (which is an additional incision in the breast fold) allows Dr. Kim to create a more compact and better looking breast. Sometimes, if only a vertical incision is made there tends to be puckering in the breast fold which could be a source of displeasure for the patient. Patients are overwhelmingly thrilled with the results of breast reduction and many tell Dr. Kim that they now have the self-esteem and confidence to increase their wardrobe and begin to be more active both socially and physically.

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