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    Many Question if Rapper “Lil Kim” Has Taken Plastic Surgery Too Far

    According to the Orange County Register 90’s rapper and entertainment celebrity Lil’ Kim is the latest source of shock for celebrity watchers. The overall consensus of those writing about Lil’ Kim and her dramatically different look is that she has a bad case of plastic surgery gone too far. Some speculate as to whether she has body dysmorphic disorder — making her imagine or exaggerate any natural flaws. Does she see herself differently than how other see her? Even a novice plastic surgery guru would take one look at Lil’ Kim and know that she does not have a natural appearance. It is obvious through the years that she has used some sort of skin lightening product as are skin appears lighter and not necessarily natural. Her rhinoplasty and breast augmentation is rather noticeable. The use of injectables seems apparent as well. It would be a fair statement to say that most women do not desire to have this look. It would also be an accurate statement to say that most women of color, would not desire her look. Dr. Kim is proud to have his practice in Beverly Hills which lends itself to a very diverse patient base. Patients are encouraged to embrace beauty without losing what many consider to be there ethnic attributes. For example, some African-American women who consult with Dr. Kim for procedures like rhinoplasty or liposuction choose him because of his artistic ability as well as his philosophy of maintaining ethnic beauty. This philosophy also serves the Asian population very well. Asian patients often choose Dr. Kim for their blepharoplasty which helps to reduce the double crease in the eyelid and allow for an eyelid that appears more open and wide. Patients must remember, before they fear outcomes like Lil’ Kim or Michael Jackson, that these celebrities did not achieve the look with one surgery. In most cases, with celebrities and those in the public eye, it’s a case of not knowing when enough is enough.

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