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    Plastic surgery blog: The Trout Lip rears its ugly head again

    According to the Orange County Register another celebrity is speaking out against her lip injections which she claims ruined her look. French actress Emmanuelle Beart, who was seen in Mission Impossible, is newsworthy this week because she is talking about her botched lip enhancement at age 27 and warning women (out of the kindness of her heart) against plastic surgery. Medical experts believe her experience likely reflects the massive problems with silicone injections given in years ago, which is much different than modern substances that work better and stay in the lips for a shorter amount of time. The trend toward “trout pout” or duck lips may be over (at least some hope). Dr. Kim cautions patients that when considering lip augmentation whether using fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, or one of the newer lip implants it is important not to overdo the look of the lips. It is not advisable for patients who have loose and lax skin on their face to consider plumping their lips instead of tightening the wrinkles on their face. In most cases this makes the lips stand out in an unattractive way, especially against skin on the face that is wrinkles and lax. This also applies to patients who have older looking eyes, including droopy eyelids and bags beneath the eyes. Overly plumped lips do not look attractive against this background. The bottom line is the patient should not isolate one specific feature on their face when considering facial rejuvenation. While for some patients it may not be cost-effective to address all of the areas at once; it does make sense to have a treatment plan and then pick the procedures that will look the best long-term over time.

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