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    Men are Fatter Than They Think

    It is not uncommon for Americans to believe they are not considered overweight when in fact they are. According to a recent KTLA news story men are guiltier of this than women. According to the news story a new study found that BMI is a poor measure of fatness in men. This is not only about the way that BMI underestimates their obesity. In the study, 20% of the study’s men fluctuated from normal and healthy into the obese column under the new BMI guidelines. They did this much more frequently than women. Men who were considered obese by the BMI standard were reclassified as normal and healthy when they were measured with the new measure known as DXA or dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. This is confusing because men shift back and forth from the healthy category to obese relatively frequently and easily. Dr. Kim encourages male patients to consider their health and appearance as they age. Many times men will overlook what starts as a protruding abdomen and over time becomes what some term as a large “spare tire” appearance around their abdomen. Men should consider abdominal liposuction as soon as they begin to see the signs of extra fat deposits that are not flattering to their contour. As an expert with both artistic skill as well as surgical talent, Dr. Kim is able to shape and tone a svelte appearance for many men. Typically he will sculpt the upper and lower abdomen, love handles and lower back to create a younger looking more toned waistline. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure and patients must be at or near their ideal body weight in order to be a suitable candidate.

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