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    Controversial Hangover Bus Coming To Vegas – Don’t Try This Before Surgery

    Many people, especially younger people have experienced a hangover from alcohol at least once in their lifetime. Las Vegas also known as” sin city” is notorious for partying, hanging out, and drinking excessively. According to recent MSNBC news story a doctor in Vegas is launching the first mobile unit designed to treat people who are suffering from an alcohol induced hangover. According to the article a mobile, hangover treatment center – a bus decorated with overstuffed couches, a well dressed doctor and specially concocted IV bags – is ready to premiere Saturday, driving up and down the Las Vegas strip from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., pledging to immediately soothe last night’s overindulgence of alcohol from your body. Hangover Heaven is the creation of Dr. Jason Burke, a anesthesiologist who trained at Duke University and who –- if his venture hits the big time, hopes soon to say audios to his day job as a hospital anesthetist. For $90 to as much as $200 (for the IV vitamin mix), Burke will pick you up, offer a plush relaxing mixture fee, insert an intravenous line into your vein and flush that after-party pain with of fluids containing electrolytes and other solutions to alleviate dehydration, the anti-nausea drug Ondansetron, and the anti-inflammatory drug Ketorolac. The treatment takes about 45 minutes. Needless to say the idea from conception to administration is highly controversial. For the record, patients considering plastic surgery should know that excessive alcohol consumption prior to surgery is never advised. Patient who consult with Dr. Kim and are considering shorter procedures including breast augmentation and liposuction could believe that going out to celebrate a couple of nights before their surgery sounds like a great idea. Some rationalize that they will be unable to”hangout”for a few weeks after surgery so partying now makes perfect sense. The reality is if patients drink too much and subsequently suffer from the ill effects (a hangover )this can interfere with the safety of their plastic surgery procedure. It is important that patients are well hydrated and in their best health in order to have the best plastic surgery experience and ensure the safest situation possible.

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