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    Mother’s Day and Celebrating Beauty

    As the nation prepares to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday many mothers wait in anticipation for gifts from those who would help her celebrate the special day. Few would argue that most mothers have paid a tremendous price doing what it takes to be the best mother they can. This year Dr. Kim has a number of patients who are being celebrated with the gift of a mommy makeover. This procedure is typically a breast augmentation combined with an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. Because every patient is different, there are many variations included in a mommy makeover. For some patients the breast augmentation may include a breast lift and a small implant. For other patients a breast reduction is a better option because of the amount of existing breast tissue. For better contour of the waist Dr. Kim will typically recommend an abdominoplasty when there is an extreme amount of loose and lax skin. For some patients, liposuction may be a better option if skin is tight. These procedures are performed together and for most patients the recovery is only 7 to 10 days. Of course, this will vary based on the extent of surgery being performed. For most patients the result Dr. Kim is able to achieve is not only better than they had prior to pregnancy, but in many cases better than they could have achieved through diet and exercise alone. A mommy makeover is the perfect gift for moms who want to maintain their most youthful and beautiful appearance.

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