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    Plastic surgery blog:FDA Clears Diet Drug

    The US has waited nearly a decade for a new prescription diet pill to come to market with FDA approval. According to a recent Fox news report advisers to government health regulators made the recommendation for the approval of sales of the prescription weight-loss drug lorcaserin despite concerns over cardiac risks. A panel of expert advisers to the Food and Drug Administration voted 18-4 to facilitate the recommendation for approval of lorcaserin, developed by Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. They concluded that the overall benefits outweigh the potential risks when used long term in overweight and obese people. One panel member did not vote at all. Lorcaserin is one of three experimental weight-loss drugs whose scientist and creators have been attempting for a second time to obtain approval, after the FDA denied them all in 2010 or early 2011. Patients should be aware that as these and other prescription diet pills become available on the market weight loss can cause body contour changes even for patients who have had breast augmentation. Breast augmentation patients who have lost a significant amount of weight after surgery may find a noticeable decrease in breast their breast size. They may also notice a degree of sagging to the breast that was not present prior to their weight loss. Dr. Kim consults with patients who are concerned about the changes in their breast augmentation following significant weight loss. In some cases, he may recommend a breast lift, and possibly an exchange of the breast implants. In other situations he may recommend a breast lift alone. Patients should consult with Dr. Kim if they have changes in their breast augmentation and would like to know which options are available to improve the shape and contour after significant weight loss.

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