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    News for Men’s Health

    As men enter the baby boomer generation they are much less likely to seek routine medical care and screening. Prostate screening has been avoided by many men mostly because of fear of an early diagnosis. According to recent news article the conclusion of a recent groundbreaking study found that most men diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer are expected to live just as long if they simply watch their cancers rather than have them surgically removed. This was based on the results of a landmark clinical trial that could change the medical approach to a disease that affects one in six men currently. The study focused on cancer still combined to the prostate and should encourage patients who are anxious to avoid distressing side effects of the surgery which include urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction-but the goal is to still protect their lives which cancer experts emphasize. This study could change the way early prostate cancer diagnosis is treated. Currently it is aggressively removed surgically or treated with radiation therapy. The results of the clinical trial-the largest ever and the first since widespread PSA screening-could be welcomed news from in diagnosed with early prostate cancer. More studies will need to be completed and men are encouraged to continue prostate screening as recommended by their primary care physician. Just as men should embrace their overall health as they age they should also embrace opportunities to look as young as they feel. Dr. Kim helps his male patients understand that plastic surgery can be a pleasant experience for men. Popular procedures like abdominal liposuction and gynecomastia surgery can create a svelte and toned body and give a more youthful and energetic appearance. Abdominal liposuction can contour the abdomen and eliminate love handles that could spill over the waistline. Gynecomastia surgery allows Dr. Kim to remove excess male breast tissue and fat on the chest that can be embarrassing and unsightly. These procedures can be combined provided the patient is healthy. Dr. Kim encourages men to schedule a consultation to see if male plastic surgery procedures are a viable solution for them.

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