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    Lack of Exercise as deadly as smoking

    Globally the warning has been issued that lack of exercise can be as fatal as smoking. According to a recent Los Angeles Times article globally people are falling so far behind on exercise that the problem has become a global pandemic, resulting in nearly 1/10 of the deaths worldwide and killing almost as many people as smoking, researchers warned this week in a series of studies published in the Lancet. According to the studies nearly a third of the adults fall short of the exercise that is recommended for them and the problem is magnified for girls and women who according to the studies are less active in boys and men researchers discovered. The results of inactivity are deathly. Lack of exercise is associated with worldwide killers include heart disease, breast cancer, and colon cancer. It is estimated that if just one quarter of and active adults increase their exercise level more than 1.3 million deaths would be prevented worldwide on an annual basis researchers claimed. According to the researchers half an hour of brisk walking five times per week is all that is necessary. Dr. Kim shares with his patients that a lifestyle which includes regular exercise and a healthy diet will allow his patients to enjoy their plastic surgery results for the majority of their lifetime. Patients who have had body contouring procedures including abdominoplasty or liposuction should be cautious concerning their lifestyle choices. These procedures do not eliminate the possibility of gaining weight as some may mistakenly believe. There are fat cells that remain and they can in fact be overpowered, which if the patient is not careful they are susceptible to gaining weight. While this would change the original body contour created by the surgery, provided the patient does not gain an excessive amount of weight, the body contour that was created by Dr. Kim will remain intact. Most patients who have had body contouring procedures with Dr. Kim are extremely pleased with the results long-term.

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