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    Plastic Surgery blog: Being a people pleaser can make you fat

    When it comes to our waistline there are many reasons and excuses we have for the increase in its size. Most of us would agree it’s not something that we desire. According to a recent ABC news story your personality has a lot to do with whether or not you gain weight. According to the story, with Super Bowl Sunday quickly approaching there will be people who will feel forced to eat food that is placed in front of them. Needless to say, people who feel that way are likely to regret it later. If you sense that another person wants you to eat, you’ll be more likely to eat more, said Julie Exline, a psychologist at Case Western Reserve University and lead author of the study published today in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology. If we look back later and feel like we’ve given into social pressure, we often regret those choices. We have known for quite some time that people tend to eat more in groups. The news story does not elaborate on the types of groups. From our perspective ,in Beverly Hills, California it would seem that women who are health conscious and slim would be less likely to overeat in a group of their peers who are like-minded and of similar weight. This of course, could lead to other issues such as eating disorders, including binge eating. For the healthiest diet people should be conscious of what they are eating, and why they’re eating it. Dr. Kim explains to his patients that as we age even if we are good about diet and exercise there can become a point in our lives where our bodies respond differently to the foods that we eat. Also, for many people their metabolism slows down and that too can add weight. Dr. Kim consults with patients who are disgusted by what appear to be fat pockets that appear mostly on their outer thighs and upper abdomen. These cause a thickness which appears as though the patient has gained weight. Dr. Kim explains that this can be treated very effectively with liposuction. As an expert who also has natural artistic abilities, Dr. Kim is able to sculpt the area using liposuction to create a much more toned and fit appearance. This is a very popular procedure for Dr. Kim and his results are unmatched for patients through diet and exercise. Call Dr. Kim’s office today to determine if you are a candidate for the liposuction procedure.

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