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    Plastic surgery blog: Calling all nurses… Take care of yourselves too!

    The healthcare industry is known to be stressful for those who dedicate their lives to taking care of others. Nurses are among health professionals who a recent study shows suffer negative health effects in disproportionate numbers. A recent ABC news story that found 55% of all nurses were overweight or obese. According to the news story “nurses cited job stress and the effect on sleep of long, irregular work hours as the cause. Health care professionals are often involved in providing advice or care to patients that relates to things that aren’t totally under control in their own lives. It’s not uniform for health care professionals to eat well or avoid tobacco, said Dr. David Katz, the director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center. Obesity and smoking are of course an issue, however, appearance is also important. It stands to reason that if nurses are avoiding their health they are probably not taking very good care of their appearance. Dr. Kim helps patients understand that taking care of your appearance especially for those who work extended hours is critical to maintaining high self-esteem. This could include injectables which have little to no downtime, breast augmentation which helps many women achieve better contour, or even a facelift. Whichever procedure patients choose Dr. Kim is conscious of what the duties of a nurse include and will help the patient return to work without missing an inordinate amount of time. Nurses need to know that investing in their appearance does not mean that they do not care about other people. Their investment in plastic surgery will most likely make them a better, less stressed, and more concerned nurse.

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