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    Plastic surgery blog: Can Your Coworkers Make You Fat?

    According to a recent My Fox LA video report coworkers can easily sabotage any well-intended diet program. It becomes a bit difficult to blame an expanding waistline on coworkers but it is easy to see how it can sneak up on you. During the holidays it is very common for coworkers to bring in cookies, cakes, brownies and other tempting sweets. But, it doesn’t really end with the holidays. If the office is big enough, it’s always someone’s birthday, retirement party, or baby shower. So, what do the experts suggest that you do, so that you can save face as well as your waistline? One of the best suggestions is to allow yourself a taste by cutting away a small piece and leaving the rest in the pan or on a plate. This will work better for most than denying themselves all together. Another excellent suggestion is to be sure that what you contribute is healthy and calorie conscious. Then eat what you contributed. Dr. Kim empathizes with patients when considering coworkers as part of the equation of our lives. Most people spend the majority of their day at work; so therefore, much of the influences come from coworkers. When patients are considering plastic surgery they often ask how to handle coworkers and what they may think or say. This question comes up most often when patients are considering breast augmentation or facelift. These procedures tend to be more obvious and it is likely that coworkers will notice the difference. Patients making the decision to have cosmetic surgery for the right reason; namely for their own personal benefit, should take comfort in the fact that it is a personal decision. There is no reason to explain or defend their decision to coworkers. How much information a patient chooses to divulge is solely their decision.

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