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    Spring Fashions Look Best on a Summer Body

    It appears as though spring has sprung. This is the time of year when many of us begin to think about summer vacations and what we would like to add to our spring and summer wardrobe. What many women fail to realize is that the quest to achieve the best body contour prior to summer should begin now. This includes a consistent and regimented workout plan as well as proper diet. However we must be realistic and admit that even when we are great about exercise and diet department there certain things that a woman has little to no control over. One of these is her bust line. It is no mystery that breast augmentation is the number one considered cosmetic plastic surgery in the United States. As spring and summer approach, it becomes more obvious than ever before, that women who have difficulty finding an acceptable wardrobe, are going to dread yet another season. Critics may say that women should embrace the fact that they are aging, or that they have had children. This is why their breasts are not as perky as they once were. However, the countless women who have chosen breast augmentation, (and/or breast lift), having children or aging does not have to be marked by sagging and droopy breast. Most women tell Dr. Kim that they want to look more proportionate in their clothes, and that they would like a fuller and firmer look. Contrary to what many people believe most patients choose a breast augmentation size that is less than 2 cup sizes larger than what they already have. Dr. Kim advises patients to choose a plastic surgeon with a broad base of experience to help ensure that they will get the best results. Dr. Kim and his staff empathize with their patients and help them to understand the benefits and risks of the breast augmentation procedure. Patients who have had breast augmentation surgery look eagerly to the new season and the opportunity to choose from a wardrobe that is at least three times larger than selection that she had previously.

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