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    Plastic surgery blog: Did Cameron Diaz join the club?

    Breast augmentation has been performed in abundance over the past few years. According to the ASPS in all, there were 296,203 breast augmentations performed in 2010, which is a 2% rise compared to 2009. So, we could call it somewhat of a club. This is the club the media is speculating as to whether or not Cameron Diaz has joined. According to a recent Orange County register article Cameron Diaz was spotted in Hawaii sporting a much more voluptuous top than ever before. Interestingly enough it appears as though the general consensus is that she did not go too big and that her breast augmentation looks very nice. Dr. Kim puts fears to rest for many prospective patients who are considering breast augmentation and fear they will be too big for their body frame. Dr. Kim assures his patients that he uses both skill and expertise to help patients choose the appropriate implant size as well as type. Dr. Kim offers both saline and silicone implants and performs a thorough examination on every prospective patient to help determine which breast implants are best for the patient. Patients are also educated concerning breast health which includes following the recommendations of the American Cancer Society for early detection of breast cancer. This is a standard recommendation for all women and breast implants does not change the recommendation. Dr. Kim is committed to not just obtaining great results for patients but also helping patients maintain their best health.

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